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Honouring Inspiring Moms this Mothers' Day

By Renee Sim

To all the Moms reading this post,


Raise your hand if you’ve led a team meeting from your closet this week. How about rocking a sleeping toddler while on a conference call? Or giving your child extra screen time on Netflix just to get through your morning on responding to work emails? 


We are living in unprecedented times rife with challenges we could not have imagined. Each of us is concerned with the health of our loved ones. At the same time, we are trying to discern how to keep our families, jobs, and maybe business afloat. Often in the same moment. 


When life comes to a sudden halt, moms have to step up their juggling act as a parent, professional, teacher, partner, playmate and maybe more. Our lives have been completely shaken up and our sense of what is normal turned upside down in the span of weeks…

In this season of Mothers’ Day, we realised how important it is for Moms to be kind to yourself. We asked some of the Moms we know to share how they’re navigating these troubled waters, what their mindset is, and to share some self-care tips they can give to themselves on Mothers’ Day.

Denise Teo, Mother of 2 boys


Her unique identity to her sons is Zoo Guide, Theme Park Finatic and Organiser of Everything.


What does motherhood mean to you during

these challenging times?


Essentially I don’t manage my time, but manage my energy to tackle the tasks throughout the day. A question I always ask myself is “How much energy do I have to devote to this task?" Instead of wishing this season away, I find that adopting the perspective that I GET to be with my children VS I’m stuck with them has helped me! I GET to make memories with them and make this time in their childhood count.  I want them to look back and think of this pandemic season, not one filled with fear and uncertainty but one filled with wonderful memories with the family where we play, do silly things and have (as my boys affectionately call it )“family hugs”. Motherhood in this season is not being too hard on myself as I try to put on multiple hats at the same time. No one has done this before for such a long period of time and I can guarantee that no one is nailing it. Social media is not real. It is perfectly normal to feel like a failure both as a mum and an employee in this season. But right now all I need is a little bit of kindness and patience (and a whole lot of sugar and caffeine), acknowledging that it is hard and uncomfortable on so many levels but it's ok.  We fall short, we try again. Cos that is what mums do right? 

What’s one self-care gift you would like to gift yourself for Mothers’ Day?

In a perfect world, I would like to book myself into a spa for a whole day and have a nice meal with the family. I would say, right now, being able to do things that makes me feel like me, apart from a mum. A quick stretch, a walk in the estate, a cup of coffee, a chat with a friend or family member or trying out a new recipe (in peace) would be something I would like to gift myself.

Motherhood looks like a circus show in my home right now. With the never-ending to-do list for days and weeks and months. I feel like I am constantly pulled in 5 different directions.  Being present has taken on a new meaning for me. To be present at the task at hand, it could be working with HBL for my children, preparing a meal or working on a project for work. I found that dividing my day up in chunks of tasks really helps.

Wong Zi-En, Mother of a pair of twin boys


She is also a Pilates and Movement Specialist.


Her unique identity to her sons are milk provider and supplier of cuddles & kisses.


What does motherhood mean to you during

these challenging times?

As a new mother to 8-week old twin boys, I find that it's so easy to get caught up with everything and lose sight of yourself. Motherhood is already all-consuming and stressful, even without this global pandemic.

That's why it's even more important to be compassionate - to myself and my loved ones who are at home with me. After all, they are stressed out too. I find having that an anchor helps me step out of my judgmental and anxious self and come back to a place of centeredness where I can be more present with my loved ones. I am then able to engage with them from a place of love instead of being impatient and short with them. 


My anchor is very simple. When I catch myself in a state of frustration and anxiousness, I say the word "Pause" in my head and take three deep breaths. This helps me untangle myself from the judgmental thoughts that I'm caught up in. Then I say to myself, "It's okay." for as long as I need to feel calm again. Soothing myself just as I would comfort a young child who is upset is my act of self-compassion.


When I am compassionate to myself, I have more capacity to be the loving and patient mother and partner that I want to be. 

What’s one self-care gift you would like to gift yourself for Mothers’ Day?

I would gift myself a trip without the children, though that's pretty tough given the current situation.

Amanda Cho, Mother of a teenager and school-age child


Her day job is a Creative and Operations Manager


Her unique identity to her daughters is Beautifier and Solver of Everything. 


What does motherhood mean to you during

these challenging times?

Motherhood is a huge balancing act in these times. It’s such a huge challenge for me to remember my children’s home-based learning schedules. With us working at home, I’m quite often found scrambling and struggling with devices after realising that it’s time for a google meet session while I am still in an online meeting myself. Login IDs, passwords, emails, multiple accounts…as a person who is not by nature an organised person, it sometimes drives me crazy.

What’s one self-care gift you would like to gift yourself for Mothers’ Day?

It’s funny how I find myself thinking about having a cup of coffee almost every hour which is something I don’t do normally. I wish there could be some way to gift myself some sort of home cleaning or tidying up service and have some quiet time for myself to do home decoration which is one of my favourite pastimes. Cup of coffee included, of course.

I also feel like I am constantly trying to find ways to engage my children. In my case, siblings with a 7 year age gap mean that they are each at a different phase of their lives and more often than not have differing interests. This means that I have to spend time with them individually.


Crystal Lim, Mother of a toddler


Her day job is a Principal of EtonHouse International Preschool


Her unique identity to her daughter are Entertainer and Storyteller.


What does motherhood mean to you during

these challenging times?

This unprecedented period has certainly turned our lives a little topsy-turvy in the process! It was initially a little challenging to work from home and at the same time caring for Evie’s needs especially since she is at the stage of exploring everything.

Parenting while juggling conference calls, never-ending emails, and deadlines are no joke. Being able to multi-task has certainly gone up a notch! To get through it, we need to rely on and support each other — to stay in contact with families, friends, colleagues.  We also need to give ourselves space to muddle through it the best we can and at the same time, learn to manage our own expectations of things!

Lisamarie Hughes, Mother of a preschooler


Her day job is a Principal of EtonHouse Sentosa International School


Her unique identity to her son is his Safety Net and Personal Chef.


What does motherhood mean to you during

these challenging times?

During this period, my Son needs to feel my love and presence more than ever as his usual routines and life looks very different. Juggling this with my role at school is not easy but it is a challenge I have embraced and I have decided to take it day by day. I try to celebrate things I have done well and plan to improve where possible. 

Team ELC

I feel quality triumphs over quantity and so I focus on the quality of our interactions together. Physical contact, eye contact, laughter and sharing are very important to us. Bursts of time across the day filled with hugs, chats, board games, creative sessions and exercise work best for us. 


I am also very lucky and grateful to have my amazing husband by my side. He steps up to support our Son and help soak up his boundless energy and thirst for discovery. At this time motherhood to me means doing my best and remembering this time in our lives looks different and feels different. I try to be kind to myself and my family as we navigate this time together. It’s easier said than done but having the right mindset is the first step :)

What’s one self-care gift you would like to gift yourself for Mothers’ Day?

Self-care is more important than ever during these unsettling times to help keep our spirits up! As Moms, we can sometimes feel so guilty if we take some time away from our children. It is a challenge, but self-care makes us more mindful and focused the rest of the time. I cannot wait to get a bit of massage and hair spa time very soon!

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